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School-wide student events calendar, maintained by SAC.

Student Directory

Olin community names and contact information. (Login required.)

Dining Menu

What's to eat this week at Olin Dining Hall?

Guess the Oliner

How well do you know the names of other Oliners? Find out in this classy game! (Login required.)


A dashboard for all of Olin's common web destinations.


Olin printers and information on how to access them.

External Apps

Quotes Board

Relive the memories with hilarious quotes from your peers.

Declare It!

Design your major and plan what classes make it a reality over four years.


Olinapps GitHub

Code for Olin Community websites, code, and much more.

Olin APIs

Provide authentication for Oliners to your application, access Directory programmatically, and more.